N Portland Livingroom Remodel

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My clients wanted their 2005 built 4-square home to have a bit more character than sheetrock, paint, and Crate and Barrel could offer. They had a television nook that was about 8' tall x 8' wide x 2' deep and seemed like the perfect size and place for some built-in character. We lined the entire nook (all three walls and the ceiling) with what used to be exterior 6" doug fir ship-lap siding that I dried and sanded. We then built a series of shelves from various sticks of reclaimed dimensional lumber--a true 2"x8"x8' for the top shelf, segmented into 3 pieces and held together in the middle with custom-cut steel book ends; two 3"x12"x8' boards "floating" on angle iron for the middle shelf; and two true 4"x12"x8' beams mounted on a welded tube-steel frame for the bottom table. We also re-tiled the fireplace and replaced the home center mantle with a 6"x8" hewn beam. The look of the distressed but newly revitalized wood gives this new livingroom a rich, warm feel.