Built-In Cellar Wine Rack

  • Custom Furniture
  • Residential Interiors

This commission was a direct result of our client seeing our custom work at the K & M Tasting Room in Carlton, OR. John and Shirley have a beautiful house in Carlton with a dedicated wine cellar in the basement and asked us to create a built-in wine rack that would act as an anchoring centerpiece, hold at least 20 cases of wine, and conceal the large concrete footing that jutted out into the room. We presented the homeowners with a 3-D rendering of a steel-framed design that was 7 feet tall, 14 feet wide, and holds 21 cases of wine (252 bottles). The finished rack is comprised of 21 individual wooden trays created from board-and-batten siding off a 1922 Naval Supply Depot Warehouse in Oakland, CA and re-sawn slabs of loblolly pine tongue and groove roof decking from a 1917 tobacco warehouse in Lexington, KY; each tray holds 12 bottles of wine and rests snugly in steel cradles without the aid of fasteners. We prefabricated all the components off-site, so by the end of installation day we were thrilled to see such a large piece come together without a hitch.